Chapter 1: when he comes
Dreams are funny. They dig deep inside your brain, and pull out what you fear, what you love, or even things that you had no clue were true. Sure sometimes it could be completely out of the blue and crazy, but every dream has it’s meaning.

The wind howled around the bandit as the sun sunk behind him. He sat upon a rock waiting on the man who had called him at such a rush, but he couldn’t complain. The man made him a deal he couldn’t refuse and the only way the deal could…

Sweet Sweet America

I wish I could tell you that life gets easier once you turn the age of 21 and for some people it does.

For some people life is really really amazing up until this point and I know what you’re thinking…

You’re still young.

If you settle…

Angela Farley

probably somewhere hiding in my room.

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