Are you who you want to be ?

The Didler
1 min readFeb 14, 2021

Are you?

If I could wake my mother up I would tell her that I’ve been trying to find myself in all the wrong places.

That the day we buried her in that casket after that one long boring summer I lost myself and how my wrist never stop from bleeding.

The way blood drips down them like sweat with a sort of belongness’s tied

-the girl in the corner

In life

We all have that one person.

That when they die they not only take themselves but a part of us with them.

We lose something and that in itself hurts the most.

We lose something when we weren’t even trying to and all were left with is abandonment.

For me that one person was my 5’5 overly amazing mother. She was and still remains one of the best advisor, friend,q idol to look up to- pushed all into one body. Which I’m sure if she was here today I would have been off somewhere still in college.

You see

I’m not saying I believe in fate but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad.

Who was that person for you?+

The Didler

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