Tempting evil

The Didler
9 min readJul 27, 2021

Chapter 1: when he comes
Dreams are funny. They dig deep inside your brain, and pull out what you fear, what you love, or even things that you had no clue were true. Sure sometimes it could be completely out of the blue and crazy, but every dream has it’s meaning.
That’s the explanation I was given from my grandma when I told her I was having dreams of the devil. 
No forreal, the actual Devil, but he didn’t have hooves, or horns poking out of his head. 
So how do I know he was the Devil? Well, I was about 11 when I first dreamed of him. I was sitting in a beautiful field and playing with my own little wolf, I had a fascination of wolves and foxes and such when I was little, when he showed up.
He popped in randomly, and quite surprised I might add, like he wasn’t expecting to be in there. He looked around, and even at 13 years old, I could tell he was beautiful. He was tall, wearing a suit like the one my grandad wore to my uncle’s funeral. All black and white, with a black tie. His hair was a deep shade of black, and it was slicked back, in a way where you know it wouldn’t look good on anybody else.
When his eyes landed on mine, he grinned, a heart stopping grin of course, and started walking to me. I scooted back behind my wolf, who I named Lee., and tried to make myself small so he wouldn’t see me. 
He came up to Lee and patted her head, she growled at first but then licked his palm and moved out of his way. He bent down right in front of me and moved my hair out of my way. 
“Layla,” he said smoothly,”I’ve found you”.
I looked down at my feet,”How do you know my name?” I whispered.
He smiled and pulled my chin up making me look him in the eyes. His eyes were pure red, a very nice red, the kind of red where I would color my house on my papers at school. 
“Oh my Agapi Mou, I know everything about you.” He smiled as he sat crisscross in front of me. “I know your favorite animal is a wolf, I know your favorite color is red, and at night I know you like to fall asleep facing the moon.”
I leaned back wide-eyed, I’m not even sure my grandparents knew that, goosebumps started to spread across my arms.
“Are you cold?” He asked a little concern edged his voice. I nodded my head, just noticing the air around me had gotten colder. He turned his head and looked around and snapped his fingers. Instantly I felt myself wrapped in a cotton jacket, red of course, and I became warm.
“Better?” He asked.
I nodded and cleared my throat,” Who are you?” 
He sighed,”Always starting with the tough questions, huh?” He got up and ran his fingers through his hair, making it messy. 
I studied him, he wasn’t what I…

The Didler

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