The Didler
1 min readJul 16, 2022

My thoughts

I am nothing and no one

No one will ever truly love me without loving another more.

My success will never be just that because I can never finish the things I began.

I am a fool. A waste of space a bundle of mistakes and i need to be tossed in the trash.

I mess up everything I allow to join me inside my lifetime and I’m tired.

God I’m just so tired of never being enough for anything or anyone. I’m tired of people taking advantage of me. I’m tired of being so gullible to the point as to where I never question the other person because what reason would they have. To disappoint me. I’ve only shown love for them.

I don’t know

Somedays I hope someone can come save me from this hell hole I’ve dunged myself in. Will save me.

I’m sorry for pissing off whatever greater Power it is that has it out for me.

I am not okay

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-sincerely a rant.

The Didler

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