Movie Quotes I think everyone can relate to sometimes

The Didler
4 min readNov 10, 2020

People will look at the ashes of Westerberg and say; “now there’s a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.”- J.D.

When it comes to movies there is literally no limit it can reach in the department of relatable. Here's just a sum of them. :)

1| Pump up the volume, 1990

Mark Hunter: “I’m a member of the “Why bother?’ generation myself.

As living proof of someone growing up in the 20th century I can without a doubt say that this is one of the most laziest centuries I’ve seen. Everyone’s either technology brained or just overall self consumed.

2: “I feel like I know you, and yet we’ll never meet.”

3: “Now I feel like killing myself… but luckily, I’m too depressed to bother.”

4: “One day I woke up, and I realized I was never gonna be normal. So I said “fuck it". I said “so be it.”

Being normal in this day and age is so overrated. You’d be so much as lucky to have an inch of crazy in you some where even if its just an ounce.

5: “You’re an unscrewed- up reaction to a screwed-up situation. Feeling screwed up in a screwed-up place… in a screwed-up time does not mean that you are screwed up.”

6:’ I have no friends, no money, no car, no license. And even if I did have a license all I can do is drive out to some stupid mall.”

If you’ve ever been to Carrollton, Georgia or like me where you’ve just been Georgia bound your whole entire life then you’d know there's nothing…

The Didler

Imagine this: You're 23, broke, still living in the same situation you did 3 years ago not making any progression in life. Do you: A)