Some people just don’t want to be helped

The Didler
2 min readDec 19, 2020

I had did it again.

I had planted my trust into someone with half a brain and then wondered why at the end of the night I was the one standing on the other side empty handed.

As the old saying goes

You give someone an inch and they take a mile or in my case you give someone an inch and they’ll run in the other direction quickly.

No matter how nice you are or what you go the extra mile to offer

some people just don’t want the help

Even if they really need the help because they're unemployed, living with a substantial amount of debt, always complaining about how life is so miserable for them and when they get a job it will be better.




They don’t want the help. Instead they just want you to listen to their problems, to feel sorry for them, and then will get mad at you when they’re seized with an opportunity that could potentially make their life better.

Even if you can relate to their problems, because you are their problems (a.k.a Have the same problems).

You see, Speaking from past experience can be a real floozy. I imagined right now if things would have worked the way they should have. I would be in a job that supported all my financial needs and able to put a deposit down on a home in the next nine months.

But of course,

Since the beginning of time

Four score and seven years ago our fathers salved the great sea, reached down great below and brought forth, on this continent, an Angela (regretting it ever since till this day.)

I mean

I like to think of myself as a fairly mundane person, never hostile unless I’m forced to be, which however I’ve been giving the freedom to chance it.

I don’t drive, which I’m starting to believe that all of my life problems could have been solved with just a matter of getting off my ass.

But I try

I mean at least I believe I do. Maybe that’s why the fathers have been testing me.

My boyfriends brother had given me a job, promised to attend it with me, take me there, then at the last minute an hour before my first day bailed and said something along the lines of “I’m not working, also you have to find a ride there because I’m about to leave to meet up with friends. A real life barney to Marshall stich.

Which brings me to another reason why when I say some people don’t want the help. I meant it in the sense that some people don’t want to stop living in their ways, being lazy, but what do I know.



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